Section 6 All is Well

  • Mum
Mum knows that both James and Tristan are nervous but excited about their first day at their new schools.

She is proud of both of them. On one hand, James helped Tristan to finally decide to go to Chesterlea Grange. On the other hand, Tristan helped James by speaking to Kiara Jones and asking her to be James' special friend during his first few days at Highfields.

Tristan had met Kiara Jones earlier at aan under 11s football tournament and Mum found out that James had actually wanted to make friends with Kiara too.

  • James
James thinks that Highfields is brilliant because he met many of his old friends there and made some new friends too. Both Kiara and James have been chosen for the football teams they tried for. James is eager to tell Tristan all about Highfields at the weekend.

  • Tristan
Tristan thinks there's only one way to describe his new school, Chesterlea Grange. He says it's Flipping Fantastic.

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