Section 2 The School Play

  • Tristan

Tristan has been looking forward to his year end play at school for ages. It's the school tradition for the year six students to put up the play. They are doing 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' and Tristan is Tom. He has to thank his English teacher, Mr Sewell, who taught them their lines for the play.

Tristan hopes the English teacher at his new school will be as good as Mr Sewell. In the new school, they do drama twice a week in their school drama studio, which is like a mini-theatre. Tristan can't wait to perform on a stage where there is plenty of room for wheelchairs and there is ramp leading to the stage. Where they practise now, it is awkward because there are four steps leading up to the stage and Mr Sewell has to carry him while James lifts his wheelchair. 

Next year, his present school will put up a ramp leading to the stage but Tristan won't be there.

Tristan, however, feels bad about James.

  • James

James thought the night of his school play was the worst night of his life! He was so embarrassed. He feels that the only good thing about his new school is that he won't have to do drama if he does not want to and he is sure that he does not want to.

That night everyone's parents were there and the hall was packed. His Mum was in the front row so she could watch Tristan as he was the star of the play. James feels that Tristan was brilliant and was amazed that he could remember all his lines. He had only one measly line of just seven words to say and he had got it wrong. Although Mr Sewell told him that no one noticed his mistakes, he did not believe him because he thought Jessica Parker laughed at him.

His Mum said that both Tristan and James were great but James did not fall for that because he felt he was awful. He accepts that Tristan and he do not have to be good at the same things just because they are twins. He thinks that his Mum should accept that too.

  • Mum

Mum was so proud of her sons that night. She thought they were the stars in the school play. Tristan spoke his lines so clearly. He was wonderful as Tom Sawyer. The lady in the seat behind praised him and his English teacher said that he was a real 'pro'.

She was amazed that James, who, unlike Tristan, was actually very shy, now had the confidence to take part in the play and spoke his line in front of the whole audience. Although he stuttered a bit, he was great.

Mum has never been worried about Tristan. In spite of his physical handicap, he is more able, confident and can think better.

She was more worried about James as he was always more nervous. She was concerned about how he would manage in his new school which was bigger, with more rooms, more subjects and more teachers.

She was especially concerned with how James would find his way around his new school without Tristan, but after watching the play, she is now more confident that he will manage somehow.

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