Section 1 Meet the Twins

  • Tristan

Tristan hates the way he feels. He is not sure how to describe his feelings but he thinks it's a mixture of feeling unhappy and feeling bad. He is sad because he is leaving his old school and he feels bad because he is leaving his twin brother, James. 

Tristan thinks that his twin brother, James, is much smarter than he is because he can do everything. James can dress himself, walk, play football and write with a pen instead of a computer because he doesn't have a disability like Tristan does.

His mum doesn't like him to use the word 'disability'. Instead, she prefers him to use the word 'ability'. She is not interested in what he can't do but only in what he can do.
Tristan thinks that his mum is a very determined person. James is shy, and more unsure and scared of life. Tristan, in the other hand, is not like that. He is sad to leave his old school but he is excited about his new school because it is a special school to help children get 'able'. Tristan feels his mother will be pleased as he is not using the 'dis' part of the word here.

He feels his new school is 'cool' because it has horses and a huge paddock where he can practise riding, and a swimming pool so he can swim every day as he is a good swimmer. 

There is also a games room filled with videos, DVDs and computer games. 

Tristan feels that the only disadvantage is that it is a residential school and since James is going to another school, Tristan won't be be there for him at night to listen to how his day was and what a rubbish day (bad day) he has had. Tristan is sure that James will miss him.

  • James

James can't believe it is the last week Tristan and he will be together in the same school. James and Tristan have always been going everywhere together and doing things together as James has always been pushing Tristan's wheelchair.

Next term, however, things will change but James does not want to think about it because the thought itself is really horrible.

James thinks Tristan, being smarter than he is, will be able to describe more clearly how bad he feels. James also feels that Tristan is smarter than he is because he is able to work out Maths problem quicker, he always gets 'A's in his homework and he understands how computers work. James is concerned about how he is going to manage in his new school without Tristan.

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