Section 4 Chesterlea Grange or Highfields

  • Tristan
Mum has just asked Tristan whether he really wants to go to Chesterlea Grange and his answer was 'no'. He wants to remain in his old school where it's safe, friendly and everyone knows him. However, when he had visited Chesterlea Grange on Open Day, it had looked like a lot of fun. There were activities like horse-riding, swimming and wheelchair games which he liked best, and they also hold the Paralympics every summer, archery contests, wheelie marathons and basketball tournaments, which were all new to him. Tristan was excited that he could now be good at sports too like James.

But Tristan is confused now because he has just told his mother that he doesn't want to go to Chesterlea Grange so she might be arranging for him to go to Highfields with James.

  • Mum
Mum doesn't know what to do now because Tristan has just told her that he doesn't want to go to Chesterlea Grange.

  • James
James is now relieved that Tristan has told Mum that he doesn't want to go to Chesterlea Grange, which means Tristan will be joining him at Highfields. James was so worried about how he would cope without Tristan that he was thinking up many excuses so that he would not have to go to school on the first day. He knew that no matter what illness or excuses he came up with, his mother wouldn't believe him at all.

James thinks that if they're together, he and Tristan can look after each other. James can push Tristan in his wheelchair up the ramps, through the corridors and automatic doors. He can also take Tristan to the toilet and tell his PE teacher what Tristan can and can't do.

But his mother thinks that the best thing about Tristan going to Chesterlea Grange is that he will have to learn to manage on his own and not depend on others to do things for him. His mother wanted him to stand on his own two feet.

James knew that Tristan thought this was hilarious. At first, Tristan was looking forward to all the games and computer facilities at his new school but now James can't understand why Tristan has changed his mind. James feels that he has been so busy thinking about his own feelings that he has not taken much notice of Tristan and therefore, he should have a chat with Tristan to find out more.

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