Section 3 The Day After

  • Tristan

Tristan was ecstatic after the school play last night. He said his lines and was told how wonderful he was as Tom Sawyer. Everyone and everything else was great too.

Today, he feels really down, like a burst tyre! Tristan realises that last night was the last time James and he would be together before being separated when they have to go to different schools.

Tristan's mother is more worried about James but Tristan feels that he is not ready to be on his own. He thinks that James will be fine because all his friends and classmates will be going to his new school at Highfields. But Tristan will be alone at Chesterlea Grange, which is miles away, and he can only go home on weekends. He is not ready to leave his familiar surroundings and be on his own.

  • James

James felt awful at last night's play, but is feeling better this morning because he knows he won't ever have to take part in a play again.

He is also thinking about another good thing. For the last six years in Peter Hill Primary, he has had to put up with Jessica Parker and her 'stupid laugh'. But since she is moving to another school, James won't have to worry about her anymore. Tristan says that Jessica laughs because she wants James's attention but James does not want her attention and thinks that, in his new school, there will be other girls whose attention he may enjoy.

Kiara Jones, who plays football for the Country Girls' Under 11s team, is going to Highfields, the same school as James. He is hoping Kiara and he will go to the same football practices, although this will make Tristan jealous because James knows Tristan likes Kiara too. James remembers that Kiara once pushed Tristan's wheelchair to the refreshment counter while James was playing.

Although James relies on Tristan, James knows that Tristan relies on him too, and wonders how Tristan will cope in his new school without him. 

  • Tristan

Tristan notices that James is unusually happy today. Tristan, however, is feeling quite down and cannot understand why James is not upset too because they are finally leaving Peter Hill Primary and going on to different secondary schools. This seems final to Tristan as they will never go back to Peter Hill Primary again.

Tristan is sad that he won't see his favourite teacher, Mrs Roberts, anymore. She taught them Maths and he hopes his new Maths teachers at Chesterlea Grange will be as nice as Mrs Roberts. Tristan feels very sad to leave Peter Hill Primary as he will surely miss his teachers, friends and brother. He feels he is losing 'something special' and wonders whether the others feel the same way too.

  • Mum

Mum thinks that Tristan is bewildering because he has always been 'a live wire' but over the last few weeks, he has been unusually quiet.

Although James too has been quiet, Mum has not worried about him because that is quite normal for James. She has noticed that since the last day of school, they both seem to be depressed and she does not know why. She is wondering whether it is because they are going to different schools. As twins, maybe they are affected by the separation so she is going to ask them if this is what they really want.

She does not want her sons to spend the rest of the summer holidays looking like they have won the lottery, then lost the ticket down a drain.

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